On this page you'll find answers to the why and wherefore, to the how and who. If you have any further questions just use the contact form.

What's this about?

TEAL THE WORLD is a sustainable task list with currently 4 (more coming soon) carefully prepared and concrete tasks. Simply start and do the tasks now. For a better world, a healthier environment and above all more sustainability.

Beside the task list you'll find TEAL THE WORLD on the social plattforms Facebook and Twitter with regular news and tips about a more sustainable world.

Why does this page exist?

Because something has to change. Now. Immediately. Because we have to change. We can discuss carbon limits, minimum wages, sustainable energy and fair trade for years to come. About who is responsible for the biggest share, about who is to blame and also about what legal basis has to be created by the government for something to change. Or simply start with it. Everyone, now!

It's not about showing what you do wrong, but what you can do right.

Why the name "Teal the World"? What's the meaning of this?

I guess you already got it :) Make the world teal again.

How can I save the status of my completed tasks?

Whenever you mark a task as done, this information is automatically stored locally in your browser. A synchronization of the completed tasks between different browsers and devices is in progress.

Is this page sustainable, too?

Many can drink wine and preach water. When creating the site, we naturally tried to focus on sustainability in all areas. For example, the office and also the server are supplied with 100% green electricity.

But admittedly, nobody's perfect. Neither are we. Even the founder and developer of the site still hasn't done all the tasks. But even if each of us does only half of the list's tasks, we have given nature and society the chance to recover and reduce or even reverse the damage we caused.

The main idea of this site: Start. Each for itself. Now.

Start now